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Here at PandaServ we are focused on the best minecraft experience for your server and players, we offer a large range of servers - from having both budget and premium plans to fit your needs. We also offer amazing support for your needs from pre-sales to support with your servers after purchase. We help you grow your server with having up to date panels, server versions and with fast support to help you with your server.

We believe that location is key, having the selection of France and Canada for your server to be hosted at, you can pick the best location for your needs to having the closes to you or the best for your player base.


We have been using PandaServ for almost a year (late summer 2014) and we mostly host modded servers. Panda has been a great host for our servers. Support is great and respond within 24h 7 days a week. Support talks with you, guides you, and will even do it for if you ask.

MystifiesSky, DiamondDash Network

PandaServer was so kindly to give us a sponsorship to our LAN (høLANd2k15) and the server was flawless, no errors, and the admin was very helpful! We are using this site again! 10/10

Gronnis, hoeLANd2k15 Network

PandaServ is simply awesome! We had a perfomance boost when we switched host, and the PandaServ team works together with their customers to be able to give the best service as possible!

JinRyuu, JinGames

PandaServ is an extremely helpful and well valued server host. We chose PandaServ due to the owners personality and quality of servers!

Jremi, Illerta Network

I was one of the first test servers hosted at PandaServ! Full support from day 1, and high quality support. Easy to navigate the panel and quick support if needed! 24/7 uptime, and good update on Facebook about maintenance!

Filmaster, Datacraft Network

Offering Budget & Premium Plans

You can select the type of plan that best fits you needs, if we don't offer your sent needs, contact us and we can organize a custom plan.