Managed IT Support

Managed ITSupport for Buinesses

Trying to keep up with the latest technology but can't afford to pay someone thousands a month to take care of the equipment? Look no furthur! We have you covered!

  • Changing out computers, server, access points, down to even printers.
  • Run network drops and on premise infratructure.
  • Order and Install new equipment on your behalf with authorization.

Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak we do respect your business policies. We check our temperatures everyday before entering the Office and go through a screening to make sure our employees don't have symptoms.

Printer Installation

We work with your local vendor to install and configure your printers to work with your infrastrucure.

  • Industrial Printers
  • Commercial Printers
  • Specialized Printers

Network CablesInstallation and Repairs

Does your server closet look like this? Does it even make sense where each cable is going to? Are you trying to troubleshoot a connection but can't find the correct connector?

  • Re-wire your server closet.
  • Back trace each wire to figure out where it goes and label it.
  • Create Excel document of each wire and what port it is plugged into.

Workstation InstallationPre-setup and Installation

Hiring a new person to work for you? Don't have a workstation setup for them yet or a phone system? Well your in luck!

  • Workstation setup.
  • Phone Setup (Partnered with YeaVoice, LLC)
  • Thin Clients ready for use when your ready to hire!
  • We will order all equipment needed for your employee